Some MLB teams just have so much pitching it’s not even fair.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Washington Nationals definitely fit that description. Next season, those clubs will be trotting out two of the strongest starting staffs in the majors. The Nats have aces all over the rotation, but for the Dodgers, it all starts with the big three.

What follows is a look around the league at the top 10 rotation trios entering 2015. There were an array of factors that went into the ranking process, but none was more important than the way the respective trios pitched in 2014. Stats like ERA, strikeout rate, walk rate and WAR were all taken into consideration. 

It wasn’t just about last season, and as a result, broader track records were also part of the equation. Plus, factors like injury histories and the upside of rising stars were also considered.

Thanks primarily to the fact that they don’t face designated hitters on a regular basis, National League teams dominate the top spots in the rankings. However, there were still several American League trios who cracked the top 10.

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