Everybody loves a high-scoring game, one that features multiple lead changes, a handful of big knocks—maybe even a moonshot or two—and a final score that more resembles your weekend softball league than what we’ve come to expect in Major League Baseball.

If you’re looking for such a game, might I suggest taking a trip out to Colorado’s Coors Field, the granddaddy of all hitter-friendly ballparks for the better part of two decades.

But if you’re itching to see a pitcher’s duel, one where strategy plays a bigger part in the outcome and one mistake can be the difference between winning and losing—believe it or not, there are those among us who prefer such a battle—may I suggest scheduling a trip to one of the ballparks on this list.

What follows is our exercise in ranking the most pitcher-friendly ballparks in the game, and we’ll use ESPN’s Park Factors as the basis for our results. What exactly is a “park factor,” you ask, and how does it pertain to our ranking system?

Let’s take a look.

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