One of the best parts of the first few weeks of every MLB season is the players who get off to absolutely ridiculous startsand the stat lines that accompany them.

While a 10-game hot streak would go largely overlooked if it happened in August, it’s hard to ignore a batter stepping into the box with a .600 batting average or a pitcher with a 20.0 K/9 mark when the season is just getting underway.

What follows is a fun look at seven guys who are currently on pace to break significant records this season, ranked 1-7 based on how impressive their current pace is.

The odds are incredibly high that none of these guys actually wind up breaking said records, or even come close by the time the season wraps up, but there’s no sense worrying about a minor detail like that in April.


Note: All stats and projected “on-pace” numbers courtesy of player pages.

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