2011 marks another Hall of Fame ballot featuring one of the MLB’s most villainous characters:  Rafael Palmeiro. 

Palmeiro can be remembered for three things:

          No. 1, the finger point—”I have never used steroids. Period. No. 2, the moustache—I don’t understand it, it never went out of style! No. 3, Palmeiro was a great baseball player that put up tremendous numbers.  Unfortunately, he tested positively for anabolic steroids. 

That brings up “the great debate”.

Is Palmeiro Hall worthy? 

Of course he is, and in my estimation, is deserved of a first ballot entry. 

Why would I, someone who played professionally, make such a suggestion or comment? 

Because he was a great player, just like other players who tested positive, he will be allowed to be a part of this exclusive fraternity: Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and Andy Pettitte. 

There is absolutely no way that those three players will be denied.  I understand Pettitte is on the fringe of greatness, but he has numbers that are almost identical to John Smoltz, maybe better! 

Bonds, arguably the greatest player of our or any generation, cannot be denied and quite possibly the next home run king, A-Rod, will be accepted as well. 

I’m sure readers will ask, “what about Roger Clemens”?  Later than sooner is my theory, only because of the circus surrounding his case. 

Those I listed were great players before and were great players after.  An * can make a significant point; a stance of the brass if you will. 

The problem is all of these players were great, have always been great, and were “untainted” superstars before the allegations and finger-pointing took place. 

The * significance will remind us of mistakes, it will remind us of a time when baseball was more than a game, and it will signify a time when we turned a blind eye to the obvious.

The worst part, they never needed to use the supplements to carve their place in history.   Can these players, once hailed as heroes, regain their spot on the throne?  I can’t really tell.  All that I know is that their dubious achievements are a part of baseball history whether we like it or not.

Devon is the founder of The GM’s Perspective

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