On January 3, 1973 George Michael Steinbrenner, and minority group of partners, purchased the New York Yankees.

From the time he took control of the team to the time of his death, Steinbrenner has never shied away from the spotlight. He brought the team back to the dominance the franchise prided themselves on.

Steinbrenner’s 30 years of ownership were dominating. It makes him not only the best owner in baseball history, but also the most influential man in Yankees history.

Many men have donned the Yankees pinstripes.

Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Derek Jeter and the list goes on with famous and Hall of Famers. None of them effected the team as George Steinbrenner did.

Steinbrenner won his first of seven World Series titles in 1977, beating the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“Winning is the most important thing in my life, after breathing. Breathing first, winning next,” Steinbrenner said.

It often showed as he put together some of the best teams in baseball history. From 1995-2007 the Yankees never missed the playoffs.

When he first took control of the Yankees, he knew the stadium needed renovation. He rebuilt the old stadium and eventually a brand new, billion dollar stadium in 2008.

What Steinbrenner has done has often infuriated people around baseball.

Whether it was his comments or his spending money on free agents and often having the highest salary cap in baseball. Steinbrenner is the reason many people want a salary cap.

Whether or not you liked “The Boss,” there is no denying what he did for baseball.

He is the most influential man in Yankees history and will be very dearly missed


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