The New York Yankees will enter the offseason with 12 players eligible for free agency.

Many of those players will not be returning to the team.

The Yankees will look to plug holes with available free agents while staying true to their goal of staying under the luxury tax, as David Waldstein of the New York Times reported in March.

What will help the Yankees is that many of the big-ticket free agents available are outfielders.

That is a position where the Yankees have so much depth, they will more than likely have to part with Curtis Granderson.

The Yanks witnessed firsthand this season what their offense looks like when their aging starters end up on the DL.

They will keep position versatility in mind when they look to fill the spots on their roster that are empty because of departing free agents.

The Yanks are never shy when it comes to getting a player they truly want. This offseason may be a little different, as the most attractive free agent is one of their own.

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