As we will do each week throughout the season, we will today take a look at Accuscore’s playoff forecaster to see how the previous weeks games influenced the division’s playoff race. The Nationals tremendously improved their chances to make the playoffs last week as the club went 4-2.

With this their projected playoff chances jumped from 10.5 percent to 23.8 percent. Disappointingly, their chance to win the division only grew 4 percent to 10.1 percent as the Phillies continue to play great baseball.

Stephen Oh breaks down the NL East:

“Philadelphia was 5-2 which included 3 quality wins over St. Louis.  The Phillies have just a 2 game lead over the Nationals but are still an overwhelming 82 percent favorite to take the NL East.

Washington is now projected for a very strong 83 win season, and they are now a legitimate Wild Card contender.  A 6-6 road record is sixth best in the National League.  The Mets are still at under 10 percent in playoff chances because they have not shown the ability to win on the road.  They are 4-8 this season and this past week dropped 2 of 3 road games in Cincinnati.”

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