It’s a safe assumption that every pitcher in the minors dreams of being the next Clayton Kershaw or Jake Arrieta. And since there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big, that’s totally cool.

It’s also a safe assumption, however, that only a select few will have that dream come true.

Let’s predict which pitching prospects are going to be among that select few. In addition to still qualifying as prospects—New York Mets left-hander Steven Matz’s 50.2 major league innings officially bar him from that designation—the idea is to look for young pitchers whose statistics and scouting reports point to a future as an elite ace in Major League Baseball. And the term “elite” must be stressed, as this is a search meant to find pitchers who could provide over 200 dominant innings on a yearly basis.

The list ahead contains only six names and a handful of honorable mentions who at least belong in the conversation. Step into the box when you’re ready.

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