The next time someone tells you that baseball is boring, kindly point their attention to the stretch run, which promises to be far more exciting and entertaining than any meaningless NFL preseason game could ever hope to be.

Three divisional races are tight, with less than five games separating first and second place (and in some cases, third place). Things are even more hectic in the wild-card race, with 11 teams within six games of a playoff berth.

With the waiver trade window open for only another two weeks, contenders are looking to bolster their rosters, trying to gain an advantage over the competition. Of course, contenders aren’t the only teams making noise in the rumor mill.

Are two former All-Star closers capable of helping their former teams embark on deep playoff runs? Is defense the only thing teams care about when the chance to add a veteran catcher presents itself? Is a top prospect ready to take the baseball world by storm?

We’ll hit on all that and more in this week’s edition of Fact or Fiction. 

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