Don’t look now, but the Atlanta Braves are on an 11-game winning streak. And it’s all thanks to Waffle House.

You’re probably wondering how in the world Waffle House can have anything to do with a winning streak.

Well, on July 26, the Braves officially opened MLB‘s first Waffle House at a ballpark. According to’s Stephen Hewitt, Waffle House at Turner Field features a scaled-down version of the restaurant menu:

It features a scaled-down menu compared to the regular-sized restaurants, but all the essentials are there, including classic, peanut butter or chocolate chip waffles. Fans can also order plain or “All The Way” hash browns, which includes onions, cheese, chili, ham and peppers, and in true ballpark-style, costs $9.

Since then, the Braves have gone 11-0.


I think not.

There is even a Twitter account attached to the Waffle House at Turner Field.

Dan Oshinsky of BuzzFeed even wrote about 11 things that have happened since a Waffle House opened at “The Ted.”

Well…it was hardly writing because there are only 11 pictures with winning scores by the Braves in the past 11 games. During that stretch, they’ve outscored their opponents 68-27. Talk about scattering and smothering.

Braves players didn’t hold back on their reactions, either. While Dan Uggla, Alex Wood and Jordan Schafer talked about their favorite types of hash browns, Craig Kimbrel talked about Waffle House in the minor leagues.

And what does Braves Country have to say about all of this?

Whether or not you believe it’s a coincidence, the Braves and their fans are running with it.

You can’t fully expect the Braves to win the rest of their games this year, but it does make for an interesting story.

Now, let’s see if they can break the 1935 Chicago Cubs NL record for most consecutive games won without a tie (21).

They’re more than halfway there.

Regardless of your belief as to whether or not Waffle House is truly making a difference, one thing is for sure: Waffle House is now forever entwined with the Braves.

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