Sometimes there’s more entertainment in the stands of PNC Park than on the field. 

A disruptive fan at the Pittsburgh Pirates game Saturday night was first beaten and tased by police and then arrested. It’s unclear what the fan was telling police, but the officers felt they were in great danger.


“We both feared for our safety.” city detective Francis Rende wrote in a criminal complaint filed yesterday.

“The PNC Park staff is well trained to ensure the safety of our fans to maintain the fan-friendly environment at PNC Park for all fans and followed PNC Park procedures last night when dealing with a disruptive guest,” [team spokesman Brian] Warecki said in a statement.

Scott J. Ashley, of Friendship Pennsylvania, wasn’t very friendly as the Pirates lost to the Colorado Rockies. The 41-year-old shoved a park staff member and then everything went down hill.

This video is outrageous. The police felt unsafe in all of this even though they were constantly beating the disorderly fan. The report says that Ashley was not affected by the taser, therefore they began to club him.

He is a big dude, so I understand the much-needed force. I think all cops with only taser guns freak out when the taser doesn’t work effectively on an individual. The shots to the neck and head are a little excessive, though. The police continue to beat Ashely, saying he fought back.

“I then tased (Ashley) but it had no effect on him,” [Officer Francis] Rende wrote. “I then physically grabbed (him) to place him under arrest, (he) was a very muscular man and fought with both of us. I kept activating the taser to no avail.” 

That’s not what I see in the video, buddy. I see the man unaffected by the taser and then clubbed to the neck. In the age of cell phone cameras, cops should report the facts. 

Is the excessive beating needed? You tell me. 

The best part of this is all the fans in the background reacting to the first clubbed hit and then quickly grabbing their cell phones to take pictures and videos. Kudos to the person who shot this video, though. 

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