Mothers Day was truly happy for A’s SP Dallas Braden.  In his seventh start of the season Braden threw an impressive Perfect Game. What makes his Perfect Game even more spectacular was that he threw it against one of the best hitting teams in the MLB, the Tampa Bay Rays.

In the game against the Rays, Braden completely shut them down. He retired all 27 batters very quickly and rarely had any threats to stopping his perfect game. The only out that was close to a hit was Jason Bartlett’s liner that started the game off for the Rays. Braden than completely closed the door on the game and finished off with six strikeouts and 77 strikes, throughout the game. To end the game, Rays OF Gabe Kapler grounded out to SS Cliff Pennington.

For Braden, this game meant more to him than the Perfect Game he is now known for. Braden was more joyous for the fact that he threw the Perfect Game on Mothers Day. Braden threw this game in honor of his late mother, Jodie Atwood, who died of Cancer when Braden was a high school senior. Jodie Atwood was also the person who Braden pointed up to the sky for, after the game.  

This was also a great family moment for Braden because his grandmother was on-hand to celebrate and watch her grandson throw perfection. His grandmother, Peggy Lindsey, was the woman who raised Braden after his mothers passing away and always has been there to help Braden throughout his life. She was also the first person who Braden looked for after celebrating the historic feat with his teammates.

Before he threw the Perfect Game, Braden was not too well known among baseball fans, but was known for the incident between himself and Alex Rodriguez. On April 22nd, Braden and Rodriguez got into a heated argument when Rodriguez cut across the mound, to get back to first base after making it to third base on the play before. Braden and Rodriguez then went at each other by screaming and Braden eventually got his temper back together and finished off the game with a 4-2 win.

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