If you ask me, the Philadelphia Phillies got off to a pretty good start this weekend at home. Three games. Three wins.

That good start went way beyond simply getting three wins, however, as the team answered several imposing questions that people around the game held against them heading into the season. As Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt toed the hill, people questioned whether or not they would be able to live up to the hype. They responded by walking just one hitter, striking out 23 more and allowing just six earned runs in 19 innings pitched.

Starting the season without Jayson Werth and Chase Utley in the lineup was going to be a problem for the Phils’. The offense looks weak and won’t provide any run support. Those critics were silenced by the likes of Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard and Ben Francisco, who are all off to hot starts, as well as some timely hitting from the bottom of the order and bench.

Three games into the season, the Phillies look like they have something to prove this season, and by all means, they do. The way they played this weekend, it’s hard to believe that they can only get better this season, as I was reminded by a fellow fan this weekend. “We just swept the [Houston] Astros with Wilson Valdez starting at second base, Jose Contreras closing games and some Minor League guy [Michael Martinez, who was starting for Shane Victorino]. It’s only going to get better when Chase [Utley] and Brad [Lidge] come back.”

Indeed, the Phillies had an encouraging series, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Philadelphia. There are 159 games left to play, and as last season proved, anything can happen. Let’s take this thing one game (or series, in this case) at a time. After all, the New York Mets are coming to town.

The Mets’ struggles off the field were well documented this winter, but the lineup they’ll field poses more of a challenge than the one the Astros boasted this weekend. With the Mets struggles last season, the rivalry with the Phillies sort of died out, but a healthy Mets team and a Phils’ team high off of a sweep to start the season would like nothing more than to renew a once bitter rivalry.

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