Over the course of the past few seasons and offseasons, you’ve probably heard it said quite a few times. “It’s a great time to be a Phillies fan.” While that indeed is the case, it got me to thinking—where do some of today’s Phillies’ stars rank among the greatest Phillies of all time? How many Phillies could be called the greatest at their position in the history of this lengthy franchise? Are there any who could be called the greatest?

With so many options to consider, a few factors weighed heavily on these rankings. The overall success of a player’s career was taken into consideration, but his career with the Phillies played an enormous part in these rankings. For example. if a player played three tremendous seasons in Philadelphia, but excelled with another team for the majority of his career, he will be taken into consideration, but have a tough time overcoming a player who had a long, productive career in Philadelphia.

So, who are the greatest Phillies, position by position, of all time? Without further adieu, here are the greatest players to ever put on a Phillies’ uniform at their respective positions.

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