With all of the hype and expectations surrounding this Philadelphia Phillies team, we can’t say we didn’t expect this insane media coverage. That being said, it seems like anything that the Phillies’ rotation (insert catchy nickname) does is newsworthy.

Before their grand introduction press conference last week, it was reported that the group gathered around a table for breakfast. Yes, that made the tabloids.

So, of course, when word hit the media that new “ace” Cliff Lee was “injured,” the media sounded off in a frenzy and had Phillies fans scared half to death.

Personally, the first I heard of any such injury was when Ryan Lawerence of the Delco Times reported that Lee’s first bullpen session was cut short. That’s probably what sparked this whole powder keg.

However, there does seem to be some validity behind it. According to multiple sources, including Lee and Ruben Amaro Jr., Lee had felt some discomfort in what he called his left “armpit” while throwing at home in Arkansas, and called Phillies trainer Scott Sheridan to be on the safe side. Sheridan had Lee fly into Philadelphia to have an MRI, which revealed a minor strain under his left arm. Yes, people. I said minor strain.

The Phillies shut down Lee for about “eight days,” according to Amaro, and he resumed his workouts right on time with the rest of the Phillies staff. So why was his first bullpen session ended early?

According to Amaro, “We may be cautious, but he’s right on schedule now. It’s pretty much a non-issue for us.”

So there you go, folks. Cliff Lee’s mysterious armpit “injury” is a “non-issue.” Surely, this won’t be the last of the ridiculous media hype this spring. Expect to hear anything and everything about the Phillies rotation this spring, and be cautious in picking out the factual information.

There was productive news today, however, as pitching coach Rich Dubee was kind enough to enlighten us on his starting rotation throughout Spring Training.

As is usually the case, a young starting pitcher will make the first start of the spring in the Phillies’ now-traditional game against the Florida State Seminoles. That pitcher will be prospect Drew Naylor.

The Grapefruit League, which officially begins on Saturday for the Phillies, will feature some more prominent names. Opening the spring against the New York Yankees will be the Phillies’ fourth starter, Cole Hamels, whom according to Dubee, “could have pitched a (regular season) game” before he threw his last bullpen. Also scheduled to log innings on Saturday are Vance Worlrey, Ryan Feierabend, Mike Zagurski and new waiver-claim Brian Schlitter.

The Phillies will square off with the Yankees again on Sunday, when Joe Blanton is scheduled to take the mound. The Phillies will throw a ton of good relievers behind him, including prospects Justin DeFratus and Michael Schwimer, and the back end of the big league bullpen—JC Romero, Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge, who’s having a healthy spring for the first time in a long time.

Next Monday will feature a very interesting matchup. Though he got the jitters of facing his old team out of his system last season, Roy Halladay will square off with the Toronto Blue Jays at their spring home in Dunedin, Fla.

A couple of other interesting names to watch on that day are JC Ramirez (part of the Lee trade) and Scott Mathieson, who are recovering from injuries. Also scheduled to throw next Monday are prospects Juan Perez and Michael Stutes.

The last set-up that Dubee announced was for next Tuesday, as Cliff Lee makes his much anticipated Spring debut against the Detroit Tigers in Clearwater, Fla.

Zagurski is scheduled to throw again next Tuesday, as the Phillies hope he can become a reliable left-handed option. Kyle Kendrick and Danys Baez will also  begin their battles to win jobs in the major league bullpen, and a couple of wily veterans will be looking to surprise people this spring, as Eddie Bonine and Dan Meyer throw.

Though nothing has been announced for next Wednesday yet, it’s more than fair to assume that Roy Oswalt will make his first spring appearance in a Phillies uniform against the Baltimore Orioles.

In case there was any speculation otherwise, this rotation lines up Halladay to get the nod on Opening Day, and unless something changes, Lee, Oswalt, Hamels and Blanton will round out the rotation.

In other news, as I reported last Thursday, the Phillies designated right-handed pitcher Drew Carpenter for assignment to make room for waiver claim Brian Schlitter.

As it turns out, Carpenter has cleared waivers and will re-join big league camp on Tuesday. However, pitching coach Rich Dubee told the media today that Carpenter’s days as a starting pitcher are over. Starting tomorrow, he will become a full-time reliever.

According to Dubee, the staff now believes that Carpenter’s greatest problem was getting through a lineup more than once. By reverting him back to a simple repertoire of fastball, cut-fastball and splitter, they hope to develop him into a strong right-handed reliever.

Seems like a stretch, but he clearly wasn’t going to make the show as a starter again.

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