As many of you know, I hate fans who act idiotic and ruin things  for the rest of us. Last night, A Philadelphia Phillies fan got what was coming to him. 17-year-old Steve Consalvi ran onto the field at Citizen’s Bank Park on Monday, where he was Tasered by a police officer. 

Now instead of going to class today, this moron has to stand in front of a judge and be charged with criminal trespassing.

There are some bleeding hearts who are whining that the use of a Taser was excessive, I could not disagree more.

I think the officer did the right thing, using non-lethal force in subduing a fleeing suspect. The way the world is today, officers do not want to take any chances in dealing with suspects.

Tasers are actually quite safe in taking down a suspect and are preferred to using pepper spray. Before an officer is allowed to use a Taser, they must be Tasered themselves. Consalvi was not injured at all and 90 seconds after he was subdued, he was up and walking off the field.

I personally hope this use of a Taser at a sporting event will keep other stupid fans from trying to run onto the field.

As I have said before, 99.5 percent of sports fans act like civilized human beings, it is the other .5 percent, who give the rest of us a bad name and are part of the reason prices go up at events.

Maybe this event will change some minds in morons, however I doubt it.

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