MLB‘s all-time hit king Pete Rose opened up with CNN’s Rachel Nichols about his lifetime ban from the game in an interview for Unguarded.

With next year’s All-Star Game scheduled to take place at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Rose was asked about Bud Selig’s recent comments indicating Rose could take part in the week’s festivities, per C. Trent Rosecrans of The Cincinnati Enquirer.

The 73-year-old responded in the interview that they’ll let him on the field one day, but “then it’s back in prison the next day.” He added that his family has also been affected by the aftermath of his indefinite leave from the game.

Although Rose remains banned from the league, it hasn’t precluded him from taking part in official MLB events in the past.

He was honored as part of the All-Century Team during the 1999 World Series, which was his first major appearance in an MLB stadium since his ban was handed down a decade earlier. In 2010, Rose was on hand in Cincinnati when the Reds celebrated the 25th anniversary of his record-breaking 4,192nd hit.

Selig spoke to the Baseball Writers’ Association of America about Rose’s possible involvement in next year’s Midsummer Classic:

That’ll be up to the Cincinnati club, and they know what they can do and they can’t do. They’ve been very good about that. We haven’t had that discussion. It’s sort of subjective, they’ve done some things with Pete, but they’ve been very, very thoughtful and limited. That’s a subject that I’m sure they’ll discuss in the next year.

The outgoing commissioner also made a statement about possibly overturning Rose’s ban.

“It’s a matter under advisement. That’s my standard line,” said Selig. “I’m the judge and that’s where it’ll stay. There’s nothing new.”

If Rose does attend the 2015 All-Star Game, it would appear that it will only be a momentary reprieve.

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