As a baseball fan, witnessing a perfect game is something you want to see, even if it’s happening to your own team.

Granted, being on the losing end of a perfect game isn’t as fun as being on the winning end, but when something that rare happens in front of you, it makes for a special evening.

What makes the almost-perfect game thrown last night by Armando Galarraga so interesting from a Cleveland Indians fan’s standpoint is that the Indians ended up benefiting big time from what will go down as one of the worst blown calls in history.

Because Jim Joyce got it wrong, there is no 21st perfect game, third of the 2010 season, in the record books today.  There only is a one-hit shutout.

As everyone reads the blogs and watches ESPN or the MLB Network, the talk is going to revolve around expanding instant replay in baseball, but it’s a little late for Galarraga on that point.

For Indians fans, this loss is just yet another in a season that rapidly has become more about how team ownership is trying to live through the consequences of one bad business decision after another than trying to contend.

Jason Donald, a rookie, now forever will be the answer to a trivia question if nothing else, although he’s showed a lot of promise in his short time with the club.

Lost in Galarraga’s brilliant performance was the fact that Indians starting pitcher Fausto Carmona also had a great night.

Carmona struck out three and allowed two earned runs in eight innings. He threw 96 pitches, 66 for strikes, giving up a leadoff homer to Miguel Cabrera in the second. The Tigers added two more runs in the eighth.

Indians fans today are shrugging their shoulders over the matter even though as baseball fans we’ll readily admit it was a bad call. Joyce has to live with this, and so does Galarraga.

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