For many fans, interleague play is among the highlights of the baseball season.

When the Senior and Junior Circuits collide, the games are interesting, to say the least.

Teams have to adjust to different styles of play. Hitters face pitchers they’ve never seen before, and hurlers have to adjust their approaches against a whole different breed of batters.

Interleague play also gives us the chance to speculate about possible World Series previews.

But the best part of interleague play is the great match-ups it sets up.

The background drama is often overblown, but it truly seems as though each series has a story behind it.

Some match-ups put geographical rivals against each other. Sometimes stars face their old teams, and sometimes classic World Series rematches unfold.

Interleague play doesn’t really get going until the middle of June, but this weekend we got our first taste of it. Here’s a look at the 10 most compelling match-ups we saw, and how they turned out.

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