Baltimore Orioles catalyst 2nd baseman Brian Roberts will be out until Tuesday, June 15th, a major blow considering how important a player he is both on Baltimore’s offense and defense.

He was placed on the Disabled List since April 9th, and has not played in any baseball game since then.

He did resume baseball activities for a while, but will not do any of that until Roberts gets another examination.

With a herniated disk in the back, it has been tough for the O’s star player.

Between injuries and lack of ability on the entire team, they would at least like to compete before they finish with the worst record in baseball.

Making the playoffs at this point seems impossible, so they would at least like to hurt some teams in the playoff race.

No team wants to be the one where other teams say, “It’s an easy win.” But it certainly has been like that for the Baltimore Orioles.

They need Brian Roberts back quickly and fully healthy: soon.

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