Well more than two months have peeled off Major League Baseball’s offseason calendar, a hot-stove season that has been as active and stunning as any in recent memory. 

Yet it is not finished. Two big-money free agents still swim around untouched—Max Scherzer and James Shields—while several clubs with World Series visions remain a player away from being legitimate threats in October.

The rumor mills around Scherzer and Shields are certain to soon churn heavily, and any number of the teams in need of another acquisition could greatly use their services. Then again, not all of them need to stabilize or boost their rotations. Aside from those aces, position players remain on the market, available in trades or for a relatively modest free-agent fee.

How these teams plan to finish out their offseasons is still unclear, but make no mistake here: If they plan to win it all, they will need one more headline-making move.

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