In this week’s edition of One Man’s Trash, we look at ESPN’s most dropped list to find some very interesting names that owners have disposed to the waiver wire.
Carlos Zambrano leads the list in week four. 
Can he help your fantasy team? 
Who else is bound to rebound?
Let’s take a look…
Carlos Zambrano -17.4 percent
Big-Z moves to the B-Pen in a surprising move by manager Lou Pinella. 
Zambrano was off to a rough start, but he was a bit unlucky with a BABIP over .400. He was also striking out batters at an above average clip and missing plenty of bats. 
Just about everyone in the sabermetric world thinks Carlos Silva will fade at some point. When he does, Zambrano should be ready to step back in and provide low-end fantasy numbers. Only deep rosters should look at stashing him, but as soon as Sliva starts to struggle, be ready to add Big-Z.
Gavin Floyd -11.9 percent
Floyd’s ERA and WHIP numbers are not pretty to look at, but there are plenty of reasons to think he’ll turn things around soon. 
Heck, I just traded for him.
You can find the full breakdown on Floyd’s future in this article.
Frank Francisco -8.8 percent
Last season Francisco posted a 10.4 K/9 and a 2.74 BB/9, very good numbers for a reliever. 
However, things didn’t get off to a great start this season and he lost his job to Neftali feliz early on. Injuries have played a significant role in Francisco’s career and his velocity is down a bit this season, but there is still a chance he can get a few saves when Feliz can’t go. 
There is also a chance that Feliz falls victim to the long ball a few more times and Francisco gets his job back. Ron Washington has a bit of loyalty to Francisco, so roster him if you need a chance of some saves.
Jason Kubel -8 percent
Last season, about this time, Jason Kubel was one of the hottest free agent adds around. Now, apparently, 68 at-bats is enough to give up on him for a bounce back. 
Consider that Kubel has a BABIP of .255 despite a 22.4 percent line drive rate.
Kubel is stiking out a bit too much, but he is also walking a lot, so his plate discipline is not the issue. Before his breakout 2009 season, Kubel hit .272 with 20 home runs in 2008. That seems like a decent goal for the rest of this season, which could make him a useful thrird or fourth outfielder the rest of the way.
Ryan Doumit -7.8 percent
Small sample size means two things here:
One, we can’t get a true guage on whether or not a player’s season-to-date is for real or not.
Two, things can change drastically, almost overnight.On April 26th Doumit was hitting .259. Four days later he is sporting a .300 AVG. 
If someone dropped Doumit based on his early struggles, be the team that snags him now.  


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