Recent reports have Omar Minaya saying that the Mets are Buyers, but are in “wait and see” mode….What in the world does that mean?

The Mets were on fire in June and were a half game back from first place, apparently that wasn’t a good time to make a trade. Now the Mets are in a horrible funk and just finished a 2-9 roadtrip and apparently they are not sure it’s a good time to make a deal either.

Andy Martino of the Daily News reports one team source says “in a sense, the players still need to prove they are worthy of an addition.” Really? I guess the players didn’t play well enough in June. Martino also reports that “there is some disagreement among Mets decision makers about the need to add a starter.”

Whoever in the Mets organization feels there is no need to add a starter, THAT PERSON SHOULD BE FIRED!

It just seems like the Mets hierarchy play mind games with their fans and with their players. It’s like they try to give off the illusion that they really want to do whatever it takes to win. Every now and then when people start questioning if the team has the ability to add payroll, they come out and say they do, every one gets happy, but then nothing happens.

At one point even players were expressing their desire for the team to add a starter, but nothing happened.

It’s like the Mets are in a state right now that when the media starts chewing them up and fans complain, they make a move to quiet the critics and please the fans just enough to get them to shut up.

The offseason is a great example, fans were furious over last year and how things were handled, the media was calling for the heads of Omar and Jerry so to quiet all of that they go and sign Jason Bay and people think to themselves “Ok they are trying to make the team better.” Nothing really happened after that. They signed Henry Blanco and Rod Barajas and everyone questioned, but they had a good start, especially Barajas and it shut everyone up for a while, but now they aren’t really performing.

It’s like the Mets just make moves to shut everyone up and NOT TO JUST IMPROVE THE CLUB TO WIN. It’s like they are aiming to just fool everyone. To justify not making a move Omar has also said things like “Beltran coming off the DL is like making a midseason trade.”

It’s not like making a midseason trade, it’s what a team looks like when IT’S HEALTHY. It’s continued recovery from a nightmare of a year last year.

What is this “wait and see” approach? What are they waiting to see? Are they waiting for a team to ask for just about nothing, just handing over one of their stars to the Mets? Are they still waiting for another Johan trade they made by pure luck?

Are the Mets more concerned about convincing people they are not in panic mode? They are doing a great job at convincing people this organization is like a chicken running around with its head cut off.

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