Whether it’s Josh Reddick returning to form or Michael Taylor desperately trying to prove himself, the Oakland A’s are witnessing a variety of breakout performances that are making key decisions more difficult.

After one week of camp, four guys in particular were incredibly impressive. Now with more than two weeks worth of games under their stirrups, three of those four have continued to stay hot in Arizona while a handful of others have stirred things up.

What makes a breakout star? Well, one guy isn’t at all familiar to A’s fans. Three others are fighting for a job on the 25-man roster. Another once had a starting role, saw it vanish and now wants it back. And the other, well, he’s breaking out of a year-long slump, which was likely due to injury.

And heck, let’s rank ’em. Ranking is based purely on spring training performances. The best performance gets the No. 1 spot.

All statistics are courtesy of MLB.com.

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