The Oakland A’s, like many teams this year, have underperformed offensively.

Lucky for the A’s their system is loaded with enough pitching talent to keep them afloat. But for how long? Dominant pitching will have its rocky patches at times and when that occurs, the offense needs to step up.

So far this year, it hasn’t. But don’t fear, there are a few possible fixes. Obviously a trade would immediately benefit the Athletics’ offense, but doing so could hurt the organization for the long term. The alternative? Call someone up from Sacramento.

The Athletics’ AAA squad is loaded with talent that is stuck behind the incumbent starters at the big league level. Tyson Ross has already been dominant since he was slotted into the starter rotation in mid-April. Surely there are more bounties waiting to be unearthed from the minors?

Let us see who Billy Beane and the A’s might be willing to give a shot to at some point this season.

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