That guy is just out of control. First the cheap shot on Bryan Anderson, then he throws a ball at a fan, then he takes out another catcher, tells another fan to “shut up fat b****,” then steals second and third down 11 runs, then charges the mound and jaws with the fans again on the way off the field.

Seriously, this guy is totally out of control. He shouldn’t be playing baseball, and honestly the guy probably needs to be in therapy. He definitely shouldn’t play the rest of the year for the Nationals.

By the way, remember the Nationals traded “bad apple” Lastings Milledge for Morgan. I don’t remember Milledge ever doing anything remotely similar to this. Or Elijah Dukes for that matter.

Also, this really reflects badly on Jim Riggleman. He’s the guy who let this situation get out of control, and it doesn’t help him that his third base coach Pat Listach jumped right in the middle of the bench-clearing brawl and had to be pulled out by a player. Looked like John McLaren was right in there too.

Oh, and in all this craziness, let’s not forget that Scott Olsen raised his ERA to 5.88. Can anyone explain why he’s still here?

Now Riggleman orders Doug Slaten to hit Gaby Sanchez with a pitch, warming up Drew Storen to replace Doug Slaten just in case it wasn’t totally clear what was going on. This is not the way to help the young guys transition to the bigs.

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