The Mets are currently in a changing phase.  Many new faces are going to be brought into Queens, and others will leave. 

One of the players whose name is coming up to leave is Jose Reyes.  The talks have recently dimmed down, but just the thought of that made me sick.  The Mets without Jose Reyes.  That just doesn’t sound right at all. 

Reyes is the gas in the Mets’ tank.  Jose Reyes is what makes the Mets go. The stats are ridiculous; when he scores the Mets win about 80 percent of the time.  He is a dynamic player who knows how to use all of his abilities.  Especially his speed.

Reyes is one of the fastest; if not, the fastest player in the MLB.  Speed kills, and Reyes reminds opposing teams that every game. 

He is a great talent and everybody knows that, but he is also a fantastic clubhouse guy.  He is the centerpiece of the clubhouse, and he knows how to make his teammates smile.  He also can pump them up by using his speed.

The simple move of stealing a base can be a huge boost for many teams.  Many great teams have speed, and that’s not a coincidence.  Speed is crucial in baseball, be it in the field, or on the base paths.  It makes everything just a bit more easier.

Jose Reyes has an option that the team can pick up this offseason.  Rumors say that the Mets most likely will pick up his option.  Rumors also say that the Mets might try to shop Reyes and see what they can get for him. 

This is what gets me mad.  There is no player in baseball who can fulfill Jose’s spot on the Mets.  Jose is a one-of-a-kind player.  Nobody can ever take his spot and do better than he does. 

Jose has recently been haunted with injuries.  Fans were saying that he doesn’t want to be on the playing field, and that’s what got me very mad.  Reyes also got mad at that, too. 

In an interview, Jose said that that was the only thing got him angry, when people said that he did not want to be on the playing field.  Reyes went on to say that he always wants to be on the diamond playing the game that he loves. 

Jose Reyes is bright, talented, great guy.  He always has a smile on his face, and his teammates love him.  Reyes should definitely be in the Mets long-term plans.  He is a centerpiece of the teams young core.  At only 27 years old, he technically hasn’t even hit his “prime” yet.  He’s getting better and Mets fans would love to see nothing more than him be a Met for life.

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