Unless you have been living in a “baseball bubble,” you must be aware that Ubaldo Jimenez is having an incredible season. In 14 games pitched, he’s 13-1 with a 1.15 ER. This puts him on pace to win 30-plus games this season.

But no matter what his record is, or how dominant he’s been thus far, he has not done enough in his career to prove that he’s trustworthy in a big game.

In his previous two seasons, he’s combined to go 27-24, while giving up roughly three and a half runs per game. Not to mention his postseason performances, where he’s been dreadful, and has yet to win a postseason game.

By no means am I discrediting Jimenez’s 2010 season, but get back to me in October.

If he continues this pace, then my opinion will change. Until then, he’s just another pitcher off to a remarkable start.

Let’s see how the rest of his season turns out, but in the meantime, I present “No Free Passes: The 10 Best Control Pitchers in MLB.”

These are baseball’s best pitchers, who I would trust most with a full count and the bases loaded to throw that crucial strike.

Is your most “trustworthy” pitcher on here?

Let’s find out…

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