Before our very eyes, the Giants are only one game back of the Padres.

This comes only two weeks after trailing San Diego by six games in the division.

The biggest change in the Giants’ fortunes was not Tim Lincecum finding his composure once more. It was not Juan Uribe’s bat coming alive in September.

As the calendar turned to September, the Padres forgot how to win.

The Padres had lost 10 straight games before beating the Dodgers 4-2 on Monday night.

They were carrying a team ERA of over 5.00 and scoring just over two runs per game. Not the way if you are trying to win baseball games.

San Diego became the first division leader since the 1932 Pittsburgh Pirates to lose 10 games in a row. That team would lose the division by four games.

Many have chimed in saying, “I knew the Padres would have a bad streak,” or “Their talent level finally caught up with them.”

Fact is this team had not lost three or more in a row all season.

They still have the best ERA in the majors. They also still lead the division. For now.

To realistically say a division leader will lose 10 games in a row was a preposterous statement. I could see eight of nine or nine of 10.

But not 10 straight.

Wanna know how good the Padres have been?

They lost 10 straight and still led the division after the streak was over.

All that said, the Giants did exactly what they needed to do. They finally capitalized on the Padres woes and are nipping at their heels, again.

The pitching seems to have been revived after a dreadful month of August. The offense is doing enough to get by.

The Giants have won seven of their last 10 games and have only one game left in Arizona before a season changing series at the Padres.

Lincecum has picked up two straight wins. The Giants have taken series from three divisional opponents.

Two of these series have been on the road, a place where the Giants have struggled much of the season.

On the flip side, the Padres have started to look worn, beaten and tired. Pitching had been their strength and, with three pitchers hitting career highs in innings pitched, they are starting to show signs of fatigue.

Luke Gregerson, whom had seen super human this season, has pitched in three games but has only lasted one inning while giving up seven earned runs.

San Diego has had the conversation about when to shut down Mat Latos. Latos had never thrown more than 125 innings in a season.

He is already above 150 innings.

If the Padres hold onto the division lead through the weekend, they will believe they have weathered the worst of their season. Another series loss to the Padres could also be devastating for the Giants.

The Padres have probably been looking forward to this series. There is nothing like facing a team that knows you have their number.

Momentum seems to favor the Giants but they only hold a 2-9 record against the Padres.

This is why this series means more for the Giants.

A series win against San Diego would be their first all season. Seeing the division lead the Padres have held since June 17 vanish will only feed the hungry Giants team.

The four game series that starts Thursday will carry whichever team leaves with the division lead.

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