It seems as if the NL West teams want to make the end of the MLB regular season interesting. Although the Colorado Rockies are falling behind and are now 4.5 games behind first place, the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants do not seem to want full rights to that first place position.

One day the Padres will be in first place, and then the next day it’s the Giants. This may just come down to the final game of the season. The Padres and Giants play each other for their final three games, a series which most likely will determine who takes the NL West. Both teams are struggling to find any offense and are happy to get those blue moon games in which they score over six runs. Both have pitched well, with the Giants going on a 18 games streak of allowing no more than three runs.

Those last three games are going to be crucial, and it may just go to the team that can pull out the most runs. Both teams are solid pitching wise, although San Diego starters have been somewhat rocky recently. If lucky, the second place team may just get in to the playoffs through the Wild Card.

Currently, the Padres lead the Wild-Card standings by half a game over the Atlanta Braves, but that too is to tight to assume. They simply cannot take any chances and need to secure first place in the NL West. After such a shocking season, it would be disappointing to see the Padres fall short. It is as if they just ran out of gas and are pushing themselves to finally get to the finish line.

Who do you have as the surviving first place team? Personally, I am rooting for the Padres but am extremely nervous, especially after seeing starters such as Mat Latos struggle.

This is just an opinion…so please Pardon My Bias.


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