Jamie Moyer, at 47 years old, became the oldest player in the history of baseball to pitch a complete game shutout, beating the Braves 7-0.

Moyer probably has another five years left in him. He already knows how to pitch without blowing people away and barring any injuries, his arm doesn’t seem like its going to break down any time soon…for the average pitcher, that probably would have happened fifteen years ago.

Moyer has now thrown shutouts in 1986, 2006, and 2010. The Phillies are looking good as usual, with a new player stepping up every night. Jayson Werth continues to hit everything thrown to him and has been the Phillies MVP so far this season.

Fish Stripes tells us why the best has yet to come for Anibal Sanchez.

I’ve never really considered the idea that throwing a no-hitter early in a pitchers career would be bad for them in the long run. And I don’t really agree with the idea that the reason why it would be bad is because it would be too taxing on a young throwers arm. I could see how it would affect them mentally, though.

Having such early success in the beginning of their career and then never being able to put it all back together, it can completely mess with a pitchers mind. The only thing that has been holding Sanchez back from making any further progress has been injuries, so Florida would really like to see him have a breakout year in 2010.

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