Player: Nick Longhi

Drafted by: Boston Red Sox (No. 893 overall)

Position: 1B/OF

DOB: 9/16/1995 (Age: 17)

Height/Weight: 6’2”/208 lbs

Bats/Throws: R/L

School: Venice High School (Fla.)

Previously Drafted: N/A 



It isn’t the kind of thing that anyone thinks about, but as mentioned in a draft report by Perfect Game, there have been only 57 non-pitchers who bat right-handed and throw left-handed in major league history. Nick Longhi could be No. 58. 

An accomplished athlete with a future both on the mound and at the plate, Longhi has opened some eyes.

Off the mound he can hit 90 mph with his fastball and offers a solid curveball. He’ll likely turn pro as a hitter, though, where he has more experience. He also has potential to be an above-average defender at first base. Longhi is committed to LSU


Full Scouting Report

Note: Numerical scores are on the conventional 80-point scouting scale, with the current score first and projected score second.

Hitting: 45/60

Incredibly polished hitter; makes consistent contact; simple, but strong, powerful swing; slight toe-tap; great bat speed; has shown considerable ability to hit against premium velocity; tends to get a little pull-happy; should hit for a relatively high average as a professional; patient hitter who doesn’t have many holes in his swing; has performed well against quality breaking stuff; shouldn’t be prone to strike out too often.


Power: 45/55

Great hand and wrist strength; can drive the ball to all parts of the field; has the raw power to hit the ball out of any park; will likely be a doubles machine, regardless of whether he grows fully into his power stroke; assuming he reaches his ceiling, could be a 25 to 30 homer guy.


Speed: 40/45

Doesn’t have great speed; lacks savvy to make up for below-average speed with his instincts; will have to work in order to avoid becoming a liability on the basepaths; more quickness than speed, which shows more on defense than on the basepaths.


Defense: 55/65

Amazingly polished defender at first base; great footwork; incredibly soft hands; has already shown ability to pick tough throws; has seen some time in the outfield and on the mound; complements quickness and great hand-eye coordination with a cannon arm; if he continues to progress, he should be a Gold Glove-caliber defender.


Arm: 60/65

Two-way player who has spent a significant amount of time on the mound; clocked as high as 90 mph during his junior season; manning first base won’t require a lot of arm strength, but it’s nice to know he can make all the throws he has to.


MLB Player Comparison: Paul Konerko


Projection: Gold Glove first baseman; .280/25-homer potential


MLB ETA: 2018


Chances of Signing: 65%

Depending on where Longhi gets selected, he could be headed to LSU. The earlier he gets tabbed, the likelier he his to sign. It will likely require a bonus close to $1 million in order to sway him to the professional ranks. Considering his skill set, he’ll likely get that kind of money.

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