The New York Yankees were elated to get the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim out of the Bronx as fast as possible, after beating them 10-6 Wednesday afternoon.


The Angels got a taste of their own medicine after dominating the Yankees the night before.


On Tuesday night, a beaten-up Angels team came into the series as the underdogs. The Halos are without superstar first baseman Kendry Morales for the remainder of the season.


Still, even before Morales broke his leg in a walk-off celebration, the Angels had not been playing typical Angel-style baseball.


Manager Mike Scioscia’s motto is run, steal bases, sacrifice, and hit for contact no matter what the situation. Since Scioscia took over in 2000, this type of overly-aggressive play has defined the Angels.


For Yankee fans, playing the Angels has been very unnerving for that reason. Also, it hasn’t stopped working for the Angels as Yankee Universe witnessed once again on Tuesday night.


This is something Yankee fans have grown accustomed to when the Halos are in town, making the 10-6 loss nothing new. It actually was scarier to watch because the Angels had been in a supposedly long slump, if you count the team’s 2010 record (being sarcastic) and a future without October baseball.


These two teams have a torrid relationship, with the Angels clearly wearing the pants. Even when the Yankees have the best record in baseball, the Angels seem to give the Bombers a big reality check.


As painful as it is to play the Angels, it does keep the Yankees in check. It is how I would define “tough baseball” because it is purely based on power vs. power and the “I’m gonna get you” attitude.


It takes everything and anything out of each Yankee player to beat the Angels, always has, and it still does.


For now, the Yankees will take the win to spilt the series, as they happily wave so long the Angels, until next time.




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