The New York Yankees lost a heart-breaker to the Texas Rangers in the 10th inning, final score 4-3.

It’s no big secret that the Yankees are losing, winning only 4 of last 11 games and falling fast.

The Bombers first place lead is dwindling down, now just a half-a-game over the Tampa Bay Rays. The Boston Red Sox are playing catch-up sitting at five games back and also making the AL East a three-team event again.

Yankees starting pitcher AJ Burnett looked really good… again. For how long is a total crap-shoot. The Yankees need Burnett to perform more than ever because he could make or break whether October baseball happens.

The below list could be either interpreted as a fan’s cry for help, or a Yankees what NOT to do rant. Hey, my Yankees are slumping and at times a fan need to vent.

Let’s call it one fan’s observations:

1. If the Yankees MVP is sick with the flu and running a fever… why is he even at the ballpark? Especially when it is 120 degrees? Definitely a bad idea to pinch-hit Robinson Cano in the 6th inning.

2. Skipper Joe Girardi decides to NOT start Jorge Posada, when Mark Teixeira is in NYC as his wife had a baby boy and Cano is “out” with the flu… great idea. Girardi then claims that Posada’s shoulder hurt in the post-game, but he looked like he was fibbing and it was obvious.

3. Nick Swisher cannot be the only player that hits, with flashes of A-Rod on occasion. Hope Tex jumped on a plane to Texas because the team needs him NOW, more than ever.

4. Lance Berkman and Austin Kearns have been Yankees for two weeks. GM Brian Cashman gave the impression that the two were to give the Yankees bench-depth down the stretch, so why is Girardi playing them so much? Since the day these two showed-up have things started to collapse. Kind-of ironic timing, don’t you think? Playing Granderson and Gardner everyday worked better and the proof is the team was winning.

5. In 2009, the Yankees were the kings of the walk-off wins. The Yankees had more fight in their eyes, which the Rangers and Red Sox seem to have stolen.

6. Girardi has acquired a smirk on his face and I don’t know what to think of it. It started in Tampa in the third game of the series, which was on the line as both teams had taken a game. Girardi look liked he was testing things out. Why the hell else would Lance Berkman be playing first base in a spilt series with the Rays? I presumed the Yankees would put their best players out there to get a win and that was not the case. It was thoroughly disappointing, shocking and cocky of Girardi.

7. This is short and sweet. Don’t leave runners stranded on-base. It is unacceptable going 0-9 and ditching 11 teammates on the pads against the Red Sox; in a game the Bombers should have won.

Am I turning into a hater-fan?

Not at all, just a frustrated one.

One team in the AL East will not make the post-season. Whoever it may be, their fans will be heartbroken.



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