Lisa Swan and Jon Lewin write a blog called Subway Squwakers. Swan writes about the Yankees.

This writer heard of Swan from reading her work at couple of years ago. He first read her work when she wrote so many insane entries about her hatred towards Joe Torre as a person and as a manager.

He decided to befriend her on Facebook this spring, and he got to know her well. The friendship ended when he had to gall to call out the Yankees on her Facebook page and on her blog last week.

He mentioned umpire Hunter Wendelstedt screwing Carl Pavano, when he called Pavano’s pitch to Lance Berkman a ball when it should have been a strike. Next pitch, Berkman’s hit gave the Yankees the lead, and the Twins went on to lose. This took place in Game 2.

Swan decided to delete this writer’s comment on her Facebook page and her blog not to mention blocking him on Facebook. It goes to show you that the truth hurts. She is just another Yankees fan, who can’t stand dealing with truth. Mention to Yankees fans about payroll or the umpires favoring them, and they get defensive in a New York minute.

There will be a column about Yankees buying a championship the minute the Yankees buy a championship in a few weeks, but at the mean time, it’s time to address another topic at hand. That is the umpires’ influence on the Yankees.

Has a call ever been against the Yankees? Has a bad call affected the Yankees in a lost column? When was the last time the Yankees ever gotten screwed in the postseason?

How about never? And please don’t mention Chris Guccione’s call in Game 1 of the American League Division Series. The Yankees were going to be bailed out by another umpire if they got screwed, so that point is irrelevant.

If anything, the Yankees are always the beneficiary of the calls.

Look what happened to Game 2 of the ALDS last year when Phil Cuzzi ruled Joe Mauer’s hit a “foul ball” when it was fair. It spoiled the momentum of the Twins run late in the game, and it cost them the game and the series.

How about last year in the ALCS when umpires had no clue on which Angel was safe or out when it came to baserunning? It ruined the Angels‘ rally or chance to score.

The umpires basically squeezed the Phillies out of the strike zone in the World Series. It is hard to pitch when the umpires don’t even give an inch of the strike zone.

Don’t think for a second Cuzzi did not know what he was doing when he gave a nonfavorable strike zone to Jonathan Papelbon in game the Yankees needed to win on Sunday Night Baseball few weeks ago. Had Boston swept New York, the Yankees may have a hard time making the playoffs.

That call got into Papelbon’s head, and the Yankees went on to tie it and then win it in the extra innings.

Let’s not forget that joke of a call when Derek Jeter was “hit by a pitch” when the bat hit the ball in a game against the Rays.

Now, this trend continues to happen for the Yankees. It happened in Game 2 of the ALDS, and now it happened last night. In last night’s game, C.J. Wilson and Rangers relievers were getting squeezed by the home plate umpire. That contributed to them struggling, and not surprisingly, they went on to lose the game.

No, folks. It’s not an accident all of Texas‘ relievers started to get hit around when umpires squeezed them. It’s hard to pitch when there is really not a strike zone for them to hit. The outcome would have ended differently if those guys had room to pitch.

At some point, a baseball fan has to wonder if baseball has become WWE. These examples don’t become coincidence anymore. It’s a disturbing trend that has become a frequent occurrence.

It’s hard to blame fans from other teams for being paranoid. When their teams are getting the short end of the stick, they have every right to be upset. These fans put their heart and soul on their teams. They shouldn’t be screwed like that.

It’s not just the fans. The players and coaches put hard work at their job. This is their livelihood. For them to be a victim of umpires’ favoritism, that is not right.

It’s hard enough to beat the Yankees as it is. They are a great team. They spend a lot of money to buy the best talent while other teams don’t have the luxury. Unlike the Yankees, other teams actually to run their team like a business.

There should not be a situation where opposing teams have to battle umpires along with the Yankees. Opposing players can’t be paranoid about whether they are going to get screwed or not. Managers can not get tossed quickly either.

Joe Girardi has that nice smug look when he is at the top step of the dugout. He knows he and his team will get away with it. They know the umpires will always favor them.

Who can blame them? Don’t think it’s ever going to change. Baseball needs the Yankees to succeed. They make their money out of the Yankees. FOX and TBS need the Yankees if they want to get ad revenue and ratings.

It says a lot about how this sport has become a fraud, and how it’s all politics.

As far as this guy is concerned, the fix is in.

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