Fact is, the New York Yankees love returning to the Bronx.

Why wouldn’t they love coming home, with a packed stadium full of fans?

The Yanks are tied for the first place, and they also share the best record in baseball and Yankee fans will cheer the team till the end.

The other team leading the pack is the Tampa Bay Rays, a 12-year-old franchise with loads of potential and hands-down has the best young talent in all of MLB.

The Rays reside in the AL East and remain the Yankees’ biggest threats, so where is the love down in St. Petersburg, FL?

No one knows because Rays fans seem to be extinct, which is just unbelievable. Forget that Tropicana Field is a dump, the Rays are head-to-head with the Yankees and this could be their year to win it all.

It’s a shame if the Rays lose motivation and stop even giving a s*it because the only time the Trop filled up was when the Yanks or Red Sox were visiting.

In sports history, no dominating MLB, NFL, NHL, or NBA team in first place, right before the playoffs, has had no one cheering in the stands.

Don’t even try and blame it on the Trop as a venue. Up until this season, the Minnesota Twins played in the Metrodome, which was one of the worst pro sports facilities ever and Twins fans packed in that cave game after game.

The Rays had better attendance in 2009, not by much, but when you are barely filling up half your house it comes down to numbers.

Why, as a Yankees fan, should I want to broach this subject?

It happened watching Baseball Tonight on ESPN, following the Yankees’ demolishing of the Oakland A’s 11-4 when the Rays highlights came on.

The Rays, also at home, beat the tough Toronto Blue Jays 2-1, and this is after taking two of three from the Red Sox over the weekend. It also keeps the Rays neck and neck with the Yankees.

So, when Rays Carl Crawford came on to say, “It was a big letdown. We came out all fired up and you see that, it’s really depressing.” 

The “THAT” is referring to empty seats all around a team who doesn’t get why.

Honestly, being ready for a well deserved self-patting on the ass comment, to instead hear a bummed out all-star, was depressing.

Odd right, because I am a Yankees fan?

Well, I am also a baseball fan and the Rays are playing superb baseball, winning 17 of 28 games in August. 

It is hard to imagine only have 11,968 tickets were bought for Monday night’s game; God knows how many showed up.

One thing is for sure, coming into New York the Rays will meet a packed Yankees Stadium and can’t imagine how that affects players mentally.

If Crawford’s cry was not enough for the city of Tampa Bay to come out and support the Rays, then they can’t blame players for wanting to leave.

In order to get the Trop replaced, the Rays need to win. Check. It’s normal to presume that would entice fans to buy tickets and come cheer. Not in Tampa Bay, and certainly not now.

Pretty pathetic and sad day for the Rays, and for baseball fans that respect what the Rays are doing.

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