It’s a bird, it’s a plane—no, wait, it is a baseball flying over the visitor’s dugout in left field at Yankee Stadium.

Nick Swisher made sure the New York Yankees avoided getting swept by the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday afternoon in the Bronx, by hitting a two-run homer in the bottom of the ninth with one out.

Swisher’s teammates and fans alike were ecstatic for the most fun-loving player in pinstripes.

It is impossible not to love Swisher, as his vivacious attitude is infectious.

Swisher was a well-needed breath of fresh air in 2009; his personality soothed a traditionally overly-anal Yankees locker room.

Swisher quickly earned high regard and respect in New York because he works just as hard as he plays. He is the first to praise his teammates in any interview, always with a smile on his face (unless it’s right after a loss).

This season, Swisher has been consistent at the plate, hitting 25 home runs with 80 RBI, 31 doubles, and three triples. He has been the glue multiple times in 2010 when the Yankees were struggling.

Swisher’s clutch hit changed the somber mood in the Bronx for fans and the team, who were about to extend their losing streak to four. Instead, the Yankees finish this 10-game homestand 7-3.

What great timing for the Bombers, who head out for the longest stretch of road games on the season.

This nine-game spread is just the start of one of the toughest September schedules in MLB. It will test the Yankees who start in Texas against the Rangers, then head to Tampa to meet the mighty Rays, only to finish up at Camden Yards against the newly-talented Orioles.

Nick Swisher got the right mood going into it, that is for sure.

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