The New York Yankees are fed up with Alex Rodriguez and the drama that surrounds him.

Tim Elfrink of the Miami News Times broke the story that a doctor sold performance-enhancing drugs to multiple baseball players, one of which was the Yankees third baseman.

Andrew Marchand of ESPN is now reporting that the Yankees are looking to void the remainder of A-Rod’s deal, which has five years and $114 million left on it.

Marchand said that the Yankees “are looking at 20 different things in order to void the rest of A-Rod’s deal and whether or not he breached his contract by acquiring the PEDs from the doctor without authorization from the team, plus breaking the law if he did in fact purchase the controlled substances.

The Yankees can’t do anything until Major League Baseball conducts its investigation to prove whether or not A-Rod did in fact purchase and use the PEDs from the clinic that is under investigation.

On Tuesday, I had posed the question to all of you whether or not the Yankees should look into either voiding his deal or simply releasing him.

And now, it looks like they are taking the proper steps needed to rid themselves of the embarrassment that is A-Rod.

Not only has he lied in the past, but if in fact it’s proven that he took PED’s with the Yankees from 2009-2012, he will have lied again and shed whatever credibility, if he had any, left with his teammates, the Yankees organization, the fans and the media.

With spring training right around the corner, this will be a major topic that the media will be asking the Yankees and all their players about when they report to Tampa, which is a distraction they don’t need.

And that is exactly why the Yankees need to find a way to get rid of his albatross of a contract once and for all.

I hope the Yankees void the deal, and I’m sure many other fans hope for the same

Stay tuned, Yankees Universe.

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