There is no greater tribute an athlete can have bestowed upon them by the franchise they played for then to have their uniform number retired, cementing their legacy and ties to the franchise forever.

These ceremonies are always emotional—the player’s family joins him on the field, former teammates come back for the celebration, and the fans get to express their gratitude and say goodbye one more time.

With the illustrious history of the New York Yankees, one would think that sooner or later, they will run out of numbers as more and more great players and managers take their rightful place on the wall in Monument Park.

“Louisiana Lightning” Ron Guidry was the last Yankee to have his number retired, back in 2003.

Five others have or do wear the pinstripes with pride, dignity and class, and their accomplishments on the field are overdue in being celebrated.

(Note: Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera are OBVIOUS, so I am not including them in this. It’s a foregone conclusion that upon their retirements, both will get their number retired and monuments erected in their honor. )

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