Derek Jeter, the captain of the New York Yankees, wants to stay in New York.

The ugly truth, though, is this is a business. It’s a brutal business at times as we have seen with other players who have been committed to their teams. At some point, an organization must decide what is best for them.

It’s encouraging that Jeter and the Yankees had a positive talk a few nights ago, but Jeter really needs to face reality if he wants to suit up for the Yankees next season.

Jeter made $22.6 million last season and $21.6 million the three seasons prior. The Yankees cannot pay him that kind of money any longer, yet he is asking for more.

He’s 36 and coming off one of his worst years statistically. It remains to be seen if it was just a product of his declining ability at the plate or just a bad season. It deserves consideration either way. His defensive play hasn’t shown any signs of decline. He committed a career-low six errors last season. You won’t find a better defensive shortstop out there.

This isn’t your ordinary free agent, though. This is Derek Jeter for crying out loud.

He’s the face of the Yankees. He’s the guy that fans from opposing teams love to hate. He’s as much a part of the Yankees as the pinstripes on the jersey. Can you really see him in another uniform?

Jeter is going to have to cooperate for this to work, though. He can’t expect to make $23-25 million a year from here on out, which is what his agent Casey Close is asking for. Not only that, they are asking for a four-to-six year deal.

Come on. The Yankees have offered a more reasonable, $45 million contract for three years. That’s still more than any other team will pay him, and a fair offer.

Longtime Yankee closer Mariano Rivera just signed a two-year deal worth $30 million. He’s happy with that; Jeter should be too.

My bet is that Jeter will stay with the Yankees. I don’t think there’s any way they can let the face of their franchise walk, but if Jeter doesn’t budge on his position, the Yankees will let him go.

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