It is easy to forget that the New York Yankees won 95 games, had the second best run differential in the majors and the top-seed heading into the AL playoffs.

That’s because their season came to a crashing halt in the ALCS after the Detroit Tigers embarrassingly swept them out of the playoffs. The Yankees have not been swept out of a seven-game series since the 1976 World Series.

The players on the field are rightfully getting the brunt of the verbal abuse in the media for their disappearing act. However, GM Brian Cashman is the man who put this collective unit together and has to take part of the blame for the postseason collapse. With the payroll the Yankees maintain, winning the division isn’t something to pat your back on.

The Yankees need to be set up to win in October and there has been several decisions made by Cashman over his tenure that culminated in their worst postseason performance in nearly four decades.

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