Recently, there have been rumors that the Mets might be interested in Roy Oswalt and if he should become available, Cliff Lee.

However, the Mets do not need either of these pitchers. While a second (or as many would argue—a third) ace would be nice to have, it is simply an unnecessary luxury.

The Mets already have two number one starters. Mike Pelfrey’s outing last night against the Phillies has only solidified the fact that he is an ace . The Mets also have another ace in Johan Santana.

Hisanori Takahashi has been brilliant with the Mets. He is looking like he could be the Mets’ number three starter.

The cost in terms of prospects for Oswalt and Lee would not be worth it. The Mets would almost without a doubt have to give up either Wilmer Flores or Fernando Martinez in addition to at least one or two more prospects. This does not make sense for the Mets.

Cliff Lee would be a rental for this year only. Lee has said that he wants to become a free agent after the season, so the Mets would not be able to negotiate with him like they did with Johan Santana.

Roy Oswalt is owed $15 million this year, $16 million next year, and has a club option for $16 million in 2012. Is there even a realistic chance that the Mets will take on this contract when they aren’t willing to cut Oliver Perez and his $12 million deal? If the Mets move Perez, I can see an Oswalt deal possibly happening, but until then, there is no chance it will.

The Mets are a team that is built to compete for the next few years. David Wright and Jose Reyes are just beginning to enter their primes. Ike Davis should take large strides over the next few years. The Mets should get a full season out of Carlos Beltran next year.

This team is just about to enter a stretch during the next few years where they should be very competitive. They should not be trading away their top prospects unless it is for young pitching.

The Mets should be looking for a number two or a number three starter. Ideally if the Mets are looking for a one-year rental, they should consider trading for Kevin Millwood. Yes, he has an 0-4 record, but his other numbers are very good. Through 68 innings, Millwood has posted a 3.71 ERA with a 1.28 WHIP, a 7.4 K/9 ratio and a 3.50 K/BB ratio.

While his numbers aren’t as good as Lee’s or Oswalt’s, Millwood would come to the Mets at a significantly cheaper price. The Orioles are out of the AL East race and will be sellers at the trade deadline. Millwood will most likely cost the Mets only one or two young prospects, and neither Flores and Martinez would have to be included.

The upshot? Dealing for Millwood would give the Mets a better shot to compete this year without mortgaging their future.

The Mets could then attempt to sign Lee this off season if they want him. He will then be under their control for multiple years as opposed to only a few months.

While Lee and Oswalt would obviously improve the Mets’ pitching staff, they do not need a third ace. This is a luxury that would be too expensive to acquire.

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