Ever since I started following baseball and pretty much all four major sports, my favorite team has been the New York Mets. Why? I have no idea. But I have never been more disappointed with the Mets than the 2010 season. They have had so many bad memories and so few good ones.

The Mets have to make changes in the offseason and it starts off when Jeff Wilpon fires both Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel. These two alone have been absolutely awful for the franchise. Here is a list of the good players Minaya has gotten:

Johan Santana

Carlos Beltran and Delgado

Paul Lo Duca

Billy Wagner

That’s it. Now let’s look at the bad:

Luis Castillo

Oliver Perez

John Maine

JJ Putz

K-Rod (could go either way)

Kazuo Matsui

And there are plenty more. Omar has been brutal to the Mets over the past six seasons with having only one good season in 2006.

Now you can’t really blame Jerry for everything he has done. These are the players he has to work with. But you can blame him for a lot of things, whether it’s pulling Johan Santana out too early or bringing in the wrong guy from the bullpen. They have to make a managerial change whether it’s Joe Torre, Bobby V, or Wally Backman…Jerry has to go.

Next, get rid of either Beltran, David Wright, or Jose Reyes. I like all three of them and they try hard…not every night but most nights. Obviously they haven’t done anything together since 2006, and it has messed up the Mets’ chemistry. Of the three, I’d rather see Beltran go because, since his surgery, he has done nothing.

Next, get rid of Perez and Castillo. Probably the two worst moves Omar has ever made was signing these two god-awful players.

They can’t do anything right and none of them has had one good game. The Mets have good young pitching in the minors and Ruben Tejada can fill in the second base slot, even though I would want to see a more experienced player.

Next, keep the young guys up. Tejada, Josh Thole, Ike Davis, and Jon Niese. Give Jenrry Mejia more time in the minors.

And finally, get a new closer. K-Rod is screwed.

Here is a list of free agents I would love to see the Mets go after:

Cliff Lee

Aaron Miles

Carl Crawford

Magglio Ordonez or Jayson Werth

Ted Lilly

Jake Westbrook

Rafael Soriano 

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