Last night’s game may have been a glimpse into the Mets’ future.

And the future looks pretty bright.

The Mets pulled off their fourth win in a row (ninth in a row at Citi Field) in dramatic fashion.

It took the Mets eleven innings to beat the pesky Padres, 2-1.

Mike Pelfrey Gets a No Decision in His Most Impressive Start of the Season

Big Pelf gave the Mets nine innings, as he mixed his pitches effectively all night.

His maturation this season was highlighted on two particular moments in the game.

In the eighth inning, Lance Zawadzki produced a pinch-hit double with one out in the inning.

Big Pelf was able to strike out David Eckstein, a player that very rarely strikes out.  Especially, in these situations.

Mike then shut the door in the inning when he got Chase Headley to fly out to right.

The second example was more telling.

In the ninth inning, after getting Adrian Gonzalez to ground out, David Wright threw a ball away on a play that should have been made.

The errant throw not only allowed Scott Hariston to reach base, it put him in scoring position.

Big Pelf picked Wright up as he struck out Nick Hundley and then forced Wilson Venable to tap one to the mound.

Pelfrey now owns a 2.23 ERA on the season, and in my opinion a spot on the All-Star team.

Ike and Jose Save the Day

The Mets were able to come up with nine hits on the night, but had trouble scoring runs.

David Wright continued his hot hitting as he went 2-4 with a double.  He also collected his 11th steal of the season.

Jose Reyes looked sharp after a few days off his game.  He was 2-4 as well.

His second hit of the evening was critical.  Reyes was able to tie the game on a solo home run that was initially ruled a double.

This at bat illustrates how important the ability to review home run calls is in Major League Baseball.

Gary Cohen from SNY made a great point in last night’s telecast.

He commented that a close home run call is one of the most difficult calls in sports as the umpire is so far away from where the ball eventually winds up landing.

Ike Davis is enjoying a rookie season that most player’s dream of.  He added another chapter to that story last night.

In the bottom of the 11th inning, Davis absolutely crushed a Edward Mujica change-up for the walk-off home run.

The ball caromed off of a railing in the upper deck in right field.

Before the home run, he was zero for eight in his last eight at bats.  It just shows his confidence as he would not allow his struggles affect his at bat in extra innings.

How exciting was this blast?

It produced a smile from R.A. Dickey as he gave Ike a high-five upon his return to the dugout.

Interesting Fact

The Padres have won more games than anyone in baseball, having scored three runs or less.

The Mets were able to beat them at their own game.

On Deck

Johan Santana faces Mat Latos in the second game of the series.

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