This offseason, the Mets have seemingly been acquiring potential options to be their everyday second baseman, from selecting Brad Emaus in the Rule 5 Draft to trading Michael Antonini to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Chin-lung Hu. 

It’s a wide-open competition, so let’s take a look at all the options the Mets have and handicap who fantasy owners should want to see:


Luis Castillo

The player that no Mets fan wants to see on the roster and who no fantasy owner should want to see win the job.  Once among the elite top-of-the-order hitters in the game, Castillo hit .235 with 0 HR and 8 SB in 247 AB in 2010.  He never had any power and the speed, which was once his calling card (he stole as many as 62 bases in a season), has seemingly disappeared thanks to his deteriorating knees.

At 35-years old, he brings nothing to the table for fantasy owners and may be the most unlikely choice to land on the Opening Day roster, let alone to win the job.  Even if he surprises everyone and wins the job, it would always feel like he was a step away of being replaced.

Odds: 40-1


Chin-lung Hu

It was just a few years ago that Baseball America had him ranked as the 55th-best prospect in baseball.  However, his .299 career minor league average has not yet translated to the major leagues.  He’s hit just .191 in 173 at-bats over parts of four seasons, never really receiving a significant chance at regular at-bats.

He’s a shortstop by trade, though he has seen time at both the major and minor league levels at second base as well.  The problem is there isn’t much to his game offensively outside of the potential average.  He has never stole more than 23 bases in a season, nor has he hit more than 14 HR (part of which came in the Pacific Coast League). 

Without the upside in speed or power, even if he wins the job, he isn’t going to be much of a fantasy asset.

Odds: 25-1


Ruben Tejada

He got his first taste of the major leagues in 2010, but looked significantly overmatched en route to hitting .213 with 1 HR and 2 SB in 216 AB.  It appears that, with the Mets’ depth, they would much prefer he spends an entire season at Triple-A to get more experience.  At 21 years old, it certainly makes sense.

Odds: 30-1


Daniel Murphy

This is the sentimental favorite among Mets fans, though the biggest question is if he can handle the position.  His bat would play pretty well there given what he did as a first baseman in 2009 (.266, 12 HR, 63 RBI over 508 AB).  Now, can he maintain that type of production?

There was nothing unrealistic in the numbers, with a .284 BABIP and 6.6 percent HR/FB.  He did suffer numerous injuries in 2010, keeping him from appearing in a major league game.  That adds extra concern, but he appears to be healthy this winter, hitting .320 with 4 HR and 22 RBI in 103 AB in the Dominican Winter League.

Given the other options, he is among the best for fantasy owners and the Mets as well (assuming he can handle the position defensively).  It’s no lock that he matches his 2009 production, but the potential is certainly there if he can stay healthy.

Odds: 5-1


Brad Emaus

A Rule 5 draft pick from the Toronto organization, he will likely stick with the team for the full season as opposed to risking giving him back to the Blue Jays.  With the potential to post a 10/10 season, at a minimum, he is by far the best offensive option for fantasy owners.

In 2010 between Double and Triple-A, he had 15 HR and 13 SB while showing a good eye at the plate (69 K vs. 81 BB).  The truth of the matter is none of the other options bring that type of potential to the table. 

With his eye, he could be the perfect complement to the Mets lineup.  Last season, they were 20th in the major leagues in drawing walks, with 502. 

Odds: 8-1


Justin Turner

He’s a real wild card in the competition, given his .114 average in 35 major league AB.  In 1,916 minor league AB, he has 38 HR and 45 SB.  He’s more of a utility infielder than anything else and a long shot to win the job.

Odds: 30-1


What are your thoughts of the Mets second base competition?  Who would you like to see win it?  Who do you think will win it?

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