What’s worse than being a fan of the New York Mets in September if they’re not going to be a playoff team?

Literally 24 hours ago, I was at the dentist’s office getting my wisdom teeth pulled. As a New York Mets writer and fan, I’d rather go through that again than have to sit through another September and October of meaningless New York Mets baseball. At least the dentist gives me vicodin to numb the pain. What do the Mets do? I’m not entirely sure, but I can’t imagine that watching a mediocre R.A. Dickey (6-11, 3.57 ERA) face the Marlins will really help my morale much.

As I lay motionless in bed, flipping through crappy television shows and dusting off old copies of MLB The Show 2008, I’ve been forced to think about how pathetic the New York Mets have been this season. Getting your teeth pulled hurts; don’t get me wrong. Seeing your favorite baseball team miss the playoffs for the fifth consecutive year? That’s actually excruciating.

At 66-69, they’re not only below .500 but they’re also 22 games back of the division-leading Philadelphia Phillies. If the New York Mets ever wish to contend for another playoff berth, finishing around 20 games back of the division leader certainly will be of no service to the organization.

With Johan Santana, Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy all on the DL and with Jose Reyes potentially packing up and leaving town this offseason, Mets fans from across the country can either watch Jason Bay continue to underperform and earn millions of dollars doing so… or they can focus on the future.

Personally, I’m tired of watching Jason Bay underperform. I’d much rather focus on the future of the franchise, and what each position holds for the team. Here, we will look at the top prospect at every corner of the field for the New York Mets. Listen, if 2011 doesn’t work, there’s always 2016. Right? Right.

Note: I’ve chosen not to include names like Fernando Martinez, Dillon Gee, Jennry Mejia and Lucas Duda because they’ve already seen time in the MLB and, odds are, you’ve heard of them.

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