Throughout the offseason, some of the moves GM Sandy Alderson made were in attempt to bolster the Mets starting staff.  He’s acquired pitchers Chris Capuano, and more recently, Chris Young.  Here’s a look at what the Mets starting rotation might look like in the 2011 season.


1. Johan Santana (LHP)

Once Santana arrives back from his injury, he’ll most likely take over the No. 1 spot.  The left-hander shouldn’t rush back from injury, as the Mets will need him to be effective if they plan to make a run at the playoffs. 

Prediction: 12-7, 2.90 ERA


2. Mike Pelfrey (RHP)

Last season, Mike Pelfrey turned in a solid year.  He was plagued by inconsistency.  He started off the season amazingly, then had a rough go for a few weeks.  He went back and forth between pitching well and pitching poorly. 

If “Big Pelf” can stay consistent this year, and pitch like he did at the beginning of last season, he’ll be a sturdy, reliable No. 2 starter, who will eat up a lot of innings for the Mets

Prediction: 17-10, 3.05 ERA


3. Jon Niese (LHP)

Jon Niese was a young, reliable lefty last season—the perfect complement to Johan Santana.  He’s showed way more bright than dull spots.  He almost pitched a perfect game last season; a double, the only chink in his armor.  Niese has shown he’s reliable, with a solid performance throughout last season.  Still young at the age of 24, he’ll get even better with age. 

Prediction: 15-11, 3.50 ERA


4. R.A Dickey (RHP)

R.A Dickey was a very pleasant surprise for the Mets last season, with a very nice 2.84 ERA.  What’s more is that he’s a knuckle-baller, and a very crafty and unconventional one at that.  He was able to stifle many offenses last season, almost  throwing a perfect game against the Phillies, only allowing a hit to the pitcher Cole Hamels.  Dickey should be able to give the Mets another solid season as long as he stays crafty and tricky. 

Prediction: 16-8, 3.09 ERA


5a. Chris Young (RHP)

The Mets acquired Chris Young from the San Diego Padres in the offseason.  Young, with a career 3.80 ERA, is a nice bottom-of-the-rotation pickup for the Mets.  If he stays healthy this year, he’ll be able to win a few games for the Mets, and pitch effectively. 

Prediction: 10-11, 4.01 ERA


5b. Chris Capuano (LHP)

Another move Alderson made was acquiring Chris Capuano from the Milwaukee Brewers.  Capuano, with a decent 4.35 career ERA, is coming off an injury plagued season.  Capuano should still be able to give some support to the bottom of the Mets rotation.  Either him or Young will probably get demoted to the ‘pen once Johan Santana comes back from his injury. 

Prediction- 8-12, 4.38 ERA


Possible/Honorable Mentions

Some other Mets candidates for the rotation may be young guns Jenrry Mejia and Dillon Gee, both RHP.  It depends on their performance, along with the rotations.  The Mets may not have the best rotation in the league, but they do have a solid one.

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