If you haven’t looked out the window recently. then you might not know that tonight’s Mets game has been canceled due to rain.

Here are some notes:

MLB has conducted its review of Oliver Perez to the DL and they have decided it’s legit.

John Maine
is expecting to throw a rehab start next week and will take Hisanori Takahashi ’s spot in the rotation most likely. The reason is because Jerry Manuel likes Takahashi better in the bullpen.

Ruben Tejada
is the Mets second baseman now, but as soon as Luis Castillo returns he’s going to lose his job no matter how well he does.

I don’t like the idea of Maine going back into the rotation without earning it, but Takahashi does sound like the better option out of the pen. It’s also great to hear that the Mets fooled the league with Perez’s phantom injury.


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