In case you’ve missed this week in the world of the New York Mets, just know, “In Sandy we trust.”

We trust he’s bringing the right people in (DePodesta, Ricciardi, etc.), we trust he’s kicking the right people out (Charlie Samuels) and we trust he’s making considerable progress with the team on the field, beginning with the next New York Mets manager.

Alderson has been adamant when he states he wants a field manager with Major League experience, and someone who can lead this group out flux and back to the glory the Mets franchise needs to be restored to. 

With this said, Alderson has interviewed many, but now, as it seems, with second interviews looming in the near future, Terry Collins, Bob Melvin and Clint Hurdle look to be the front-runners coming out of the pack.

It is still uncertain if Wally Backman will be receiving a second interview with this group, but if he does, he could very well be the dark horse of the group to land the job.

Out of this bunch, it looks like the Mets will have what they need in terms of a manager with experience and understanding of the game, and where the front office wants to take this team, regardless of who gets the job.

If I had to bet, I’d say that the next Mets manager will be Terry Collins. As I’ve stated in a previous article, Collins has the backing of many in the Mets front office, and it’s feeling more and more like it’s his job to lose.

Collins believes in the philosophy Alderson is trying to impress on this team, and with more than adequate professional experience, he looks to take the mold of what Alderson is looking for in his manager.

If it were the case that Collins did not get the job, I’d have to say the next in line would be Clint Hurdle. Hurdle is currently the hitting coach of the AL champs Texas Rangers, and if we all watched this past postseason, we saw that whatever he was doing was working.

He’s got the experience as a manager, going 534-625 all with Colorado, the postseason experience, taking the Rockies to the World Series in 2007, and also from people close to him, they say he is loud, outgoing, smart and doesn’t let his bad day effect him in between the line. All the makings for a great manager during a rebuilding phase of this organization.

As the weeks continue, we get more and more information leaked, regarding who and how Alderson is doing in the search for the next New York Mets manager. As the weeks continue to churn, the more faith I put in this organization, which is a feeling I never really remember feeling before.

Check back soon for more updates on the search for the next New York Mets manager. 

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