The Mets are in a bad way right now. Dropping below .500 yesterday could be a dangerous sign for the 2010 season and where it’s headed.

Expect the Wilpons to enter their first decision point in two weeks. If the Mets aren’t moving in the right direction at the end of May, it could spell the end for Jerry Manuel as manager. I would also expect Dan Warthen and Howard Johnson to be fired as well. If Manuel, Warthen, and HoJo make it into June in their current jobs that’s a very good sign for them.

So much has happened over the last few days, here are the links.

The Mets are 4-11 on the road this year and have no offense in those games at all. You would think they would take advantage of getting away from Citi Field but they haven’t. It’s been just the opposite.

It’s been well documented that Oliver Perez lost his spot in the rotation yesterday. But ESPN broke the news that Omar Minaya brought up the possibility of going to the minors and Perez refused.

Perez has nine years in the bigs and doesn’t have to agree to go to the minors if he doesn’t want to. I wouldn’t either. If he went, he would have no control over when he came back. They could leave him in the minors all season.

The difference between this situation and Steve Trachsel going to the minors in 2005 is that the Mets would have released Trachsel. They won’t release Perez. He doesn’t have to worry about that because of his big contract. There’s no motivation for him to go to the minors.

Carlos Beltran stopped by Miami yesterday to see the Mets. He’s still rehabbing from knee surgery in Port St. Lucie. Beltran wouldn’t speak to the media while he was there. The word is that once he resumes full activity (which he hasn’t yet) he’ll need four to six weeks to get ready to play.

Ryota Igarashi started his rehab from a hamstring strain yesterday and got knocked around in 0.2 IP in St. Lucie. He gave up four hits and two runs.

In 1985, Bernie Carbo tried to hire thugs to break Keith Hernandez’ arms for testifying that Carbo was the one that got him started on cocaine. Hernandez testified during the Pittsburgh drug trials about his use and acquisition of cocaine while playing for the Cardinals.

Sabernomics adds a little more analysis to the Mets shrinking attendance this season.

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